Less is more!


Provider:  Ken Middleton
Day:  Saturday 17th June
Time:  9.30-10.45am
Place:  St Andrew’s United Reformed Church
Level:  Advanced beginner/intermediate
Cost:  £15.00

In this workshop you will find out why it is often better to play fewer notes and simpler strums on the ukulele. You will discover how to play songs more simply, but much more musically. You will learn how to put contrasts into your playing by changing volume, tone, and complexity within the song. You will practise simple techniques that you may not have tried yet. We will explore ways of performing with others where everyone plays something different. During this workshop we will be playing a number of well-known songs, all in the key of F. To benefit fully from this class you will need to already be able to strum at least the chords of F, Gm, Am, Bb, C and Dm. Come to the class with any wooden ukulele in C tuning.

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